Holiday Plug-In Giveaway

You know I don’t sell advertising on this site and that’s because if I feel a business is awesome, I don’t want any of you giving me the ol’ side-eye. I want this site to almost be exclusive spot where only the best of the best gear is displayed. That’s one of the reasons you don’t see as many posts as some other sites. I don’t want to waste your valuable in-office internet time with posts about something that wouldn’t interest you the reader. Wouldn’t you rather be laughing anyways? Y’all are all that matter and in reality, the reason I have this site. Well Vintage King is a kindred spirit. They sell only the best of the best in recording gear. Check out some of the awesomely high end gear they have. So to flex their muscles, they are giving away some pretty expensive software and all you have to do is register to win some. Even our buddies at Brainworx, who helped code the Elysia Alpha Compressor have some software in the drawing.

Holiday Software & Plugin Gift-Away
Vintage King is giving away some of the top Software & Plugins available today this holiday season. Now thru the end of the year we will be giving away software and plugins from the following manufacturers: Avid, Brainworx, Chandler Limited, Eventide, FLUX, iZotope, Lexicon, Nomad Factory, Sonalksis, SPL, Slate Digital & Universal Audio.
Just register and select the Software and/or Plugin package that you would like to win

Here is the link and while you’re over there go buy me a Telefunken U-47. What? It never hurts to ask.