They Just Keep Getting More Likeable: ToneHammer

Not too long ago, ToneHammer was featured on the site and made quite an impression on yours truly (link HERE.) Well they’re back and funnier than ever giving all of you a chance to get away with almost a grand in sound libraries for free, but this time they require your dignity. I LOVE IT!
Now this is my type of people. I give up my dignity all the time and NEVER get rewarded. Like one time, I was meeting my cousin’s fiance for the first time and I was told to be on my best behavior. THATS BORING, so as soon as I got to the front door, I dropped trou and made a B-line straight for him doing that scoot walk one has to do when his pants are at his ankles. But that’s not all, after I finally made it to him, I gave him an uncomfortably long bro hug. This probably infuriated my parents, but if you’re going to be in my family, you’re gonna have to be ok with a little embarrassment. Isn’t that right Zach? Oh little side story, This Thanksgiving, I had to be away from home so they put me on Skype cam to say hi to everyone so I mooned him this time, and then he MOONED back. See people… dignity… overated… case closed.

The gnomes are known for their outrageous generosity and we about to take it to a whole new level of intensity. We want you to post your most sh**ty (Editor’s note: NO OBSCENITIES ON THIS SITE NO MATTER HOW CHARMING OR FUNNY YOU ARE) , shameful, lackluster, humiliating and embarrassing piece of music. It doesn’t matter whether its that poor rejected dance remix you did of Depeche Mode, that condom commercial you never told anybody about, that poor orchestration you were so proud of in 2006, that oh-so-emotional midi piano piece for ur ex girlfriend or your ill-destined attempt at making old Taiko samples sound good with EQ/compression.
The most important thing is that you shame yourself to the max and for that we will reward you handsomely.

Now here are rules:

  1. We will only accept submissions through soundcloud or youtube
  2. Please post your soundcloud or youtube link in the comment field below this post
  3. We will announce the winners on December 25th 2010

The three most distasteful compositions will be rewarded the following:

  1. Place will win our Bundle 2 (all our untuned percussion libraries – value $755)
  2. Place will win our Bundle 3 (all our Forgotten Voices libraries – value $398)
  3. Place will win our Bundle 1 (all our tuned percussion libraries – value $368)

Enter HERE