HomeRecordingWeekly Song Writing Contest

Guys I wanted to give you an opportunity to get in on this great contest with some really cool prizes. www.HomeRecordingWeekly.com has put on a songwriting contest and wants to hear your music! Here’s how you participate.

Songwriting contest details….
Get your songs finished, in a “compressed ZIP folder” (here is a video that shows how to do this) and sent in as an attachment, in an email, with the words Song entry in the email title heading. Yes, it will be a lot of information, but I can take it! Here are the rules for entry……
No professionals please. One song per entry, and only one entry. Even though it runs for three months, you only need to enter once. I will be checking out each and every one of the songs, so please stick to you and your friends.
I do not choose winners based on the quality of the recording. I base my decisions on the song, and only the song. What is a song? I think a song is words (lyrics) and music of any type. If you have spent money to get your song recorded, sung, mixed, or mastered, then this contest is not for you. After all, my website is named Home Recording Weekly. You must also perform the following……
1) If you have not yet done so, please “like” the Home Recording Weekly Facebook page.
2) If you have not yet done so, get your free “Acoustic Treatment” EBook by entering your name and email in the appropriate box, in the upper right hand corner of Home Recording Weekly.
3) Send me your song, as a “ZIP folder”. The email you need to use is [email protected]
I will accept your entries, or songs, over the next three months, picking three winners as I go.
Here is how I do this.
I collect your non professional songs, written by you and or you and your friends, and choose three that I feel are the best.  I check out your song, to see if it is yours, and then place it in a folder with the other songs. I announce one winner after each month has passed.
Once a winner is selected, I play it on the Home Recording Weekly podcast, and then I send you your prizes. I would love to get you on the podcast, too, but you certainly do not have to. I ask for information about your home studio, and information about how the song was recorded. All of that gets published on the Home Recording Weekly website as well.

For more info, visit. www.HomeRecordingWeekly.com

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