iZotope Releases Stutter

Finally, they make a program I’ve wanted for years. I’ve spent hours in the studio chopping up guitar and vocal tracks manually to get that choppy electronic sound, but like me picking my nose and wiping it under whatever studio console I’m at, those days are long gone. Side note to NRG Studios, your Neve 8068 has a present underneath from THE Bryan Adams.
Basically what this program does is chop whatever audio you have in a track into pieces and arranges it to the beat, thus turning your vocal track or guitar track into a rhythmic piece of glorious goodness. You can also use this live, which makes this a MUST have for DJs and performers alike who are looking for a new sound in their performance. Wanna see it in action? Sure ya do, Here ya go

iZotope has released Stutter Edit, its first collaboration with GRAMMY-nominated composer and electronic musician Brian Transeau (BT). Stutter Edit’s features revolve around an innovative live sampling engine that lets producers, laptop performers and other musicians manipulate audio in real-time. Stutter Edit slices audio into small fragments and sequences the pieces into razor-sharp rhythmic effects, recreating techniques that once took hours to perfect in the studio. Results can range from jarring to subtle: a melody can be disintegrated into a syncopated rhythmic roll, or a drum hit can be transformed into an arpeggiated scale of pitches. The complex set of tools in Stutter Edit is balanced by an elegant MIDI control scheme, which makes adding effects a completely intuitive process—much like playing an instrument.

In addition to these trademark stutter effects, performers and producers can juggle between a multitude of rhythmic effects including gate, pan, digital distortion, delays and filters. The Generator module creates custom noise sweeps that can be triggered along with stutter effects to build tension and create dynamics, both in live performances and studio arrangements.
On the stage, Stutter Edit makes it simple for laptop performers to create improvised remixes that include incredible stutters, fills and build-ups. Stutter Edit’s MIDI-controlled workflow is a perfect complement to performers using Ableton Live for DJ sets. In the studio, musicians can utilize Stutter Edit to add color and transitions to recordings, making arranging with effects all about intuition instead of trial and error.
Windows (XP, x64, Vista, 7)
Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later (Universal Binary)
Plug-in formats: VST, Audio Unit, Pro Tools 7.4+ (RTAS)
Host Support:
Stutter Edit is compatible with hosts that fully support MIDI routing to audio effects, including Apple Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools (7.4+), Cakewalk SONAR, Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo, Image Line FL Studio, Cockos REAPER, MOTU Digital Performer.

Price and Availability:
An introductory price of $149 USD will be available through February 14, 2011.  Stutter Edit will have a $249 USD MSRP thereafter. My boogers however are free,
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Also I have to do this because its basically family but I NEED to wish my lovely sister Kayla Happy Birthday!!!!