Kush Audio Clariphonic 500 Series

The piece of gear that mix engineers such as Michael Brauer and Joe Chiccarelli claim they use on every mix, is now available in single channel, 500 series goodness. This one stop shop midrange and high shelf EQ does all of the hard work.

With the same sonics that landed the rack unit in such exotic places as Electric Lady, Warner Bros. Archiving, and Sunset Sound, the Clariphonic 500 Series Module brings all the legendary magic within the reach of everyday musicians, producers, and recordists. 

A fiendishly clever new approach to high frequency equalization, designed from the ground up with six parallel signal paths that produce the kind of air, clarity, and presence previously found only in very old, very expensive analog equalizers.

 There is no limit to the types of sweet high end the Clariphonic can produce. The internal parallel signal paths produce a form of additive-only high frequency equalization that is at once holographic, transparent, and virtually phaseless. You get effortless, natural high end for days.

For all the info you need, and to find a dealer, visit http://www.thehouseofkush.com/#!the-ubk-clariphonic/c23ed