Kush Omega 458a Gets an Update in 1.0.5

The Omega Preamp and Transformers are the perfect combination (Review HERE) and I think the 458a is quickly becoming my favorite go-to transformer. The 458a adds a distinct smooth but aggressive bite, perfect for electric guitars and vocals. Now the 458a has been upgraded with better CPU performance and an oversampling on / off switch.

As of version 1.0.5, Omega 458a uses as little as 25% as much CPU as previous versions, and can also be run as a zero-latency plugin.
We added a session-wide ‘oversampling OFF’ mode that lets you easily switch every Omega 458a in your session into Oversampling Off mode while you mix, then flip back to Oversampling On mode for Mixdown. It’s the best of both worlds!
For the full changelog, read on…
•Implemented major DSP optimizations to reduce CPU usage by 50%
• Added a session-wide preference control for  ‘Oversampling On/Off’ toggle to further reduce CPU usage by another 50%
• Toggling this switch sets the Oversampling mode for every Omega 458a in the current session.
 If needed, mix with Omega 458 in Oversampling Off mode, then switch On when ready to Bounce.
• When run with Oversampling Off, Omega 458a is now a zero-latency plugin
• Added Input and Output trim controls with Text entry fields
• Added a Gain Range switch, which changes the range of the above controls to +/-16dB
• This switch defaults to +/-9dB, to preserve compatibility with older sessions that use automation
• Fixed various lingering Bypass issues
• Added new AAX Page Tables

Price: $29.00
For more information, visit http://www.TheHouseofKush.com