Radial Engineering Workhorse Open Source Doc

Are you pissed off due to the lack of hot pink 500 series racks? Well then 1) you’re in the minority (I’m with you broseph) 2) Radial Engineering has your back. They have released the Workhorse Open Source Doc. This will teach you the ropes on building your own rack.
I have a lot of time on my hands at times and this might be my next project. I’m sure it will end like everything else with a square-ish box that looks like a kindergarten kid did it and me proud as hell!

Radial Engineering has announced the availability of the Workhorse Open Source Document (WHOS-Doc) – a free developer’s guide to building 500 series rack modules.
The Workhorse is Radial’s next generation 500 Series frame.
“When we first started to look into the 500 rack world, we were astonished to find out that there was no hard, factual standard for 500 series rack modules,” said company president Peter Janis.
“And what little we could find from sources such as the VPR Alliance seemed to be more of a validation for fit. We gathered what information we could find and brought it all together into a single document.”
“The WHOS-Doc not only provides the module maker with mechanical files, but also delves into electrical limitations, grounding issues to watch for, and directions on how to take advantage of some of the extra features that we have built into the Workhorse frame such as the Omniport and internal mixer.”
“Connecting the unused card-slot pins to these access points costs nothing but adds tremendous flexibility to the module’s operation.”
“Our goal is to establish a firm standard that all designers can use. This will not only make it easier and more enjoyable for the end user, but will open the door to greater creative options for everyone involved. ”
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