REDD Expands Maschine

I’ve run my mouth about how great Maschine is for making loops for just about any style you can imagine so it comes as no surprise that I’m going to report on more stuff to make Maschine even better for dropping serious beats.

REDD (Maschine version) is an installable library designed for Maschine owners. It is a sound library resampled from the REDD (Kontakt version) and tuned in MASCHINE 1.6. In this library you will find some aggressive fat bass, aggressive lead and soft pad instruments. Some pads instruments are processed with Absynth FX, so you’ll need to have Absynth to use them. The audio demos are made with REDD (Maschine version) and Anamorphic without extra processing, mixing or mastering. This library contains:

  • 30 instruments
  • over 700MB samples

This library can be used for a large range of music styles like Trance, Dance, R’n’B, Electro and much more. If you don’t know about MASCHINE and never have had the chance of playing it, you should consider testing it or watch the videos on NI web site .

For more info on this expansion pack and to buy, Click HERE
Price $30.00 or 19.99ºª•¶§?¢£™¡åß?ƒ©??? WHERES THE BUTTON FOR EUROS… I GIVE UP