Specials: SPL Offers 20% Off Plug-Ins

I’ve made it no secret that I think the SPL Transient Designer is one of the most genius products to come out for drum tracking. Well now you can get the plug-in version for a little over $100.00.
For a limited time, SPL is giving all of us the educational discount, offering up to 25% off of their Analog Code plug-ins.

Since our radical price reduction of almost 50% there is only one price for everyone. These prices are even below our former best prices so we will not have further reductions.
Still, lots of people keep asking us if we have a “Student Version” of our Analog Code plug-ins …
So …
Just in time for the beginning of the new term we will cut our prices a further 25%
On all our plug-ins
For EVERYBODY… We never stop learning, do we?
When? NOW!
Only one week – from July 18-25, 2011.

To get in on this deal, click HERE.