The Pro Audio Files: Mixing Rap Vocals

You may think mixing vocals for hip hop and rap is a very simple, but in some cases, you are sent files that are less than useable. This guide gives you the tools you need clean up, mix and even make the tracks sound like the big leagues. Right now the video is on sale for the introductory price of $18.00.

The Pro Audio Files, a fast growing online community where audio professionals share insightful tips, techniques, and articles about recording, mixing, and production, widens its scope by launching Mixing Rap Vocals, the first installment of a new video training and tutorial series.
The Pro Audio Files founder, Dan Comerchero, keeps a close eye on the most discussed topics in his community. He has found that many musicians, engineers and producers are seeking advice when it comes to mixing vocals, and particularly rap vocals. Comerchero worked with author and noted mix engineer Matthew Weiss to develop an in-depth tutorial about mixing rap vocals. Weiss is a true expert in this field, having worked for over 10 years with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Gorilla Zoe, Arrested Development, Dizzee Rascal, MURS, Gift of Gab, J-Son and many more.
Mixing Rap Vocals is an 80-minute downloadable video tutorial, divided into four digestible segments, taking the viewer step-by-step to better results:
cleaning up the audio
controlling the dynamics
enhancing and polishing the vocal
creating the space around the vocal with effects such as reverb and delay
In the video, Weiss shows how to get the best audio results, even from less than stellar recordings and teaches how to process vocals with EQ, compression and time-based effects, as well as how to identify and enhance key frequencies. The video also resolves the mystery of compression by elaborating on various settings and techniques particularly effective and useful for vocals in the rap genre. Included is a bonus interview with vocal coach Laura Zahn on how to produce better vocals.
Professional engineers and mixers will benefit from the clarity and efficiency of the process Weiss lays out. Beginners and intermediate mixers will find the tutorial accessible when tackling difficult subjects, and they will learn advanced techniques. Emmy Award-winning video editor and audio engineer Bill Cammack attests to that: “Matthew’s tutorials are always clear and informative. He gives in-depth explanations of the thought processes behind why he uses particular techniques, which are very useful and applicable to mixers who use digital or analog gear.”
To celebrate the launch of Mixing Rap Vocals, The Pro Audio Files invites everyone to take advantage of the introductory discount of 50% off the regular price, this week only (sale ends August 14th, 2013 – see complete details at   Additionally, Quiztones, the popular frequency ear-training app developed by Comerchero in partnership with Audiofile Engineering, is free on the iOS App Store during the same time period.
The Pro Audio Files has established itself as a trusted and reliable source of tips and advice for the pro audio industry. The Mixing Rap Vocals video tutorial reflects Comerchero’s commitment to top-quality products. Other titles and installments of the video training series are planned for future release.

Pricing & Availability:
Mixing Rap Vocals: $38 – on sale for $18 until August 14th, 2013, and available for instant download: