Tube Tech Classic Channel Plug-In

I’m lazy and don’t feel like entertaining you. Make your own interesting commentary and make it funny. I don’t want you slacking on the job just because I am.
Either way, Softube makes incredible plug-ins and I’m sure this is no different

Softube is pleased to announce two new offerings that extend its partnership with audio hardware legend Tube-Tech. The ME 1B Midrange Equalizer plugin and the Classic Channel now join previous Softube Tube-Tech releases, allowing musicians, engineers and producers affordable access to more of this faithfully-modeled, vintage audio gear than ever before.
The new ME 1B midrange equalizer plugin, a clone of Tube-Tech’s classic  mid-range EQ, joins the Softube/Tube-Tech CL 1B compressor and PE 1C “Pultec” equalizer to round out this collection of complementary sound sculpting tools. Each plugin has been painstakingly programmed to capture that true analog tube mojo and indefinable mystique that Tube-Tech commands. In fact, producer Tony Sheppard went as far as describing the Softube CL 1B plugin as, “the most accurate representation of hardware that I have ever seen.”
And now all three of these indispensable processing plugins are available as a specially priced bundle called the Tube-Tech Classic Channel. With an approximate street price of only $599.99, the collection offers a healthy 30% discount over purchasing each plugin separately, and contains all three Softube Tube-Tech products both as separate plug-ins and combined into a single powerful channel strip. The Classic Channel collection delivers $8,000 worth of hardware in a single plugin!

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