Celemony Updates

And not a moment too soon. I was just complaining to my stuffed animals on my bed about some of these issues in my nightly vent / cry sessions. Don’t look at me like that… Apparently Colonel Bueford P Fitzrucker (the gossip of the group) went and told Celemony. The picture o the left shows you what to do to get the new version. Here’s a few fixes they addressed.

For Melodyne editor, assistant and essential, a service update to Version 1.2.1 is now available free of charge. The update fixes various bugs and contains a number of minor improvements that increase the stability and reliability of the software.
We recommend this update to all users. It can be loaded using the Check for Updates function on the Settings tab of Melodyne’s Preferences property sheet.
Blobs turned silent after using the cmd-key
A bug got fixed, that would – depending on the order of your editing actions while using the Cmd-key – make a Blob turn silent. In such a situation you would still see this Blob and hear its monitoring sound when moving it with the Pitch tool. But when playing back the passage, this Blob remained silent, as if it was muted.
Blobs turned silent randomly
A bug got fixed, that sometimes made Blobs turn silent upon playback. They still looked ok, but they didn’t sound any more – just as if they were muted.
Edits got lost after dividing a Blob
Now all edits remain properly after cutting a Blob into two halves.
Many Undo steps
A bug got fixed, that could lead to a crash after going back a long series of Undo steps.
Undoing pitch- or amplitude-transitions
Changing the duration of note transitions with either the Pitch tool or the Amplitude tool can now be undone properly.
Handling variable tempo in the DAW
A bug got fixed, that could lead to wrong results when learning a variable song tempo. Upon learning the tempo (via the chain symbol next to the tempo field) you still need to play back the complete passage from your DAW, but the sync is now working properly even when using a complex tempo map in your DAW.

For the complete list, click HERE.