Joe Barresi: Mixing Rock

In continuation of a bunch of people on Gear Slutz having both positive and verbose feedback (Gotta love those guys though!) Tech Breakfast has pulled Evil Joe Barresi out of his lair of Kit Kats and back in front of a camera to both show off his collection of insane gear AND show all of us mortals how it’s done in the mix. I actually bought the Tracking Rock video and loved it. Sure he isn’t a man of many words and just does what he does, but if you pay attention enough to the subtleties , you can get a great deal of insight from him. Personally, he reminds me of my dad. When I was about 11, I walked over to my dad and said, “I want to learn to play guitar.” He walked over to his guitar case, pulled the guitar out, handed it to me and said “Good Luck.” Joe basically hands you the tools and even gives you exact signal chain. You have to learn the rest.

Joe Barresi is one of the best known and most sought-after producers and engineers in the recording industry. His work with bands such as Tool, Queens of The Stone Age, The Melvins, Bad Religion, Kyuss (and many others) have culminated into some of the most influential and successful Rock recordings of our time.
OTM is pleased to announce the immediate availability of “Joe Barresi: Mixing Rock”
“Joe Barresi: Mixing Rock” is the companion release to “Joe Barresi: Tracking Rock” and let’s you experience and hear the unique mixing style of Joe Barresi. Joe uses an SSL 4000 console, his Protools HD rig and a massive assortment of outboard gear.
Joe takes you through the entire mix section by section, shows how he integrates Protools to a large-format SSL mixing console and shows the bussing both outside-the-box and also inside-the-box.
Shot entirely in 1080p video, you’ll get to see exactly how Joe does what he does. In addition to the video, supplementary photographs of all the gear, plus additional information on the SSL console are provided.
The Protools session is provided as well.

“Joe Barresi: Mixing Rock” is available for online purchase for $75(US) HERE
He also has a bundle rate as well as a discount for people who have already bought the Tracking Rock Series.