Massey DRT V2 AAX

Massey’s vision of drum replacement is now available for Pro Tools 11!

DRT is now alive and well for Pro Tools 11 and the AAX format on

Mac. I hope to get TD5 crackling before the end of the year.

Then I’m back to the Windows Neverland of Microsoft Visual Studio to

work on Windows versions! Sorry, I just can’t accurately speculate on

a release date for AAX on Windows. It’s been a spell since I’ve coded

anything on Windows and I’ve already hit one sticky, annoying issue:

Microsoft is dragging their feet and aren’t fully supporting the last

C++ standard (from 2011). I guess C++11 is their AAX! Hah. So, I

might have to spend a minute degrading my code backwards to 1998.

Anyway, to install DRT, just run the latest version of the wizard