Warm Audio Direct Box Active

Warm Audio Direct Box Active and Passive

The guys at Warm Audio are really covering their bases. They've taken their concept of adding vibe to every section of your...
Eventide Spring Reverb

Eventide Releases Spring Reverb

In their continuation of innovative and unique plugins that "spring" from their H9 and H9000 Harmonizer, they've release Spring Reverb.
IK Multimedia Sunset Sound Room Reverb

T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb

Sunset Sound is a legendary studio. Most of us will never set foot in there but now your tracks can with IK...
Audeze Embody Reveal

Audeze & Embody Present Reveal +

First came the Waves NX system, which surprisingly is actually useful. What could have been considered a gimmick, has become a go-to...
IK Multimedia Z-Tone

IK Multimedia Releases Z-Tone Buffer Boost and Z-Tone DI

The NAMM Show, January 16, 2020 - IK Multimedia brings its award-winning Z-TONE® advanced tone-shaping, derived from IK's AXE I/O® hi-end guitar interface,...
Mackie Element Mics

Mackie EleMent Series Mics

Long a leader in live and studio sound, Mackie has now entered into the microphone sphere, introducing their new EleMent Series microphones....
Presonus ioStation 24C

Presonus ioStation 24c

Designed with solo artists, podcasters, and other content creators in mind, the new PreSonus® ioStation 24c audio interface and production controller delivers...
Avid Pro Tools 2020

Avid Announces New Product Advances

We've got new HDX Thunderbolt 3, chassis courtesy of a partnership with Sonnet, the Avid S1, S4, and S6, Sibelius 2020 with...
Massey Golden Master

Massey Golden Master Soft Clipper

Massey is the king of plugins. His L2007 Mastering Limiter, De Esser, and TapeHead Saturator have withstood the test of time and...
SSL 2+

SSL 2 and 2+

Im honestly not sure what to think on this one. For so many years you've been programmed to think low cost =...