Sontronics Free Mic Giveaway

Sontronics has been catching quite a bit of acclaim lately with their products but in their defense, they’ve had a pretty good hot streak with several of their latest releases. I still want to get my hands on a Halo, Sonora Preamp, or DM1-b for sure. Right now Sontronics is giving you an opportunity to get more of their British created greatness with the Summer Promotion…motion…motion..otion…otion (analog echos courtesy of a plugin called “Laptop Keyboard”). If you buy the workhorse stc-3x you already get a popshield, XLR cable, shockmount, carry pouch AND LIFETIME WARRANTY. Incredible deal right for around $375.00? Cue the 80’s music because THATS NOT ALL FOLKS, you also got a FREE STC10 Small Diaphragm Condenser. Perfect for those cold nights when you’re alone and need to track an acoustic guitar or drum overheads. Did I mention it’s free?

British microphone brand Sontronics has teamed up with a handful of specialist Sontronics dealers in the UK to offer a fantastic summer promotion with the chance to get two pro-studio-quality condenser mics for the price of one!
Anyone buying a Sontronics STC-3X PACK, comprising the best-selling three-pattern, large-diaphragm STC-3X mic plus accessories, from a participating store will automatically receive a FREE Sontronics STC-10 pencil condenser mic, worth £95 (UK RRP) totally FREE!
This means that for just £239 you’ll get a fully rounded recording package, ideal for singer/songwriters, home set-ups, professional studios or voiceover artists, that includes the following:
• Sontronics STC-3X three-pattern (omni, cardioid, figure-of-eight), large-diaphragm condenser mic with three-stage filter and three-stage pad controls, available in silver or black. It’s ideal for recording vocals, spoken word, acoustic guitar, piano, drums, podcasting, overhead and more!
• FREE recording accessories as part of the STC-3X PACK: spider-style shockmount, double-layer nylon-mesh popshield, 5-metre XLR cable and handy zip-up mic pouch
• FREE Sontronics STC-10 pencil-style cardioid condenser mic with two-stage filer and two-stage pad controls, mic mount and foam windshield, perfect for direct-miking acoustic guitar, solo woodwind or strings, drums, percussion, video and film work
• FREE downloads of Toontrack’s award-winning EZMix 2 Lite and Ezdrummer Lite software
• FREE Lifetime Warranty for both STC-3X and STC-10 mics
As Sontronics founder and mic designer, Trevor Coley, admits, this is a amazing giveaway that shouldn’t be missed: “Both the STC-3X PACK and the STC-10 are brilliantly versatile mics, and our users constantly tell us how they give results that compare with those of mics that cost many times more, and now you can get both for the price of the STC-3X PACK. Our Sontronics brand wouldn’t be here without the people who buy, use and love our mics, so this is our chance to give something back to all of you… for free!”

More info about the giveaway and the participating dealers can be found here:
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Current participating stockists include: Absolute Music, GuitarGuitar, Rubadub, Production Room and Westend Production